BLACK ORGANIC GARLIC 2 Bulbs 35 Gr. tsmfoods


BLACK ORGANIC GARLIC 2 Bulbs 35 Gr. tsmfoods
We produce our organic black garlic from fresh organic white garlic, after a natural fermentation process for 2 months that combines heat and humidity, we obtain a smooth and exuberant black garlic with notes of balsamic jam and blackberries.
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BLACK ORGANIC GARLIC 2 Bulbs 35 Gr. tsmfoods

BLACK ORGANIC GARLIC 2 Bulbs 35 Gr. tsmfoods . Anticancer, Black garlic is also said to be effective in preventing colon cancer.Antidiabetes Black garlic like classic garlic is interesting in diabetes and prediabetes. Black garlic is said to improve blood sugar levels, glycated hemoglobin levels, and insulin resistance levels.

Diabetics and people with high blood sugar levels are advised to regularly consume garlic (classic or black) but also ginger

Black garlic in the kitchen the new culinary caviar: how to cook it? This nugget has prevailed in all gastronomic dishes. Sweet and melted black garlic offers candied fruit and mushroom flavors. Try our recipe as an aperitif with our Flor de San Isidro Manchego cheese, Flor San Iberico Iberico cheese, Goat cheese, etc. accompanied by our peaks. We recommend that you cook it with meat and fish, pasta and also with vegetables.

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Net weight

70 Gr (2 glass)

8 Months

Nutritional value 100 Gr

Energy value: 197 Kcal / 885 kj Carbohydrates: 41 g. (of which sugars) 25 g. Proteins: 6.1 g. Fat: 1.0 g. (of which saturated) ≤ 0.1 g. Salt: 0.14 g. Expiration: 8 months * Net weights: 2 heads of +/- 35 g.


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